You ever noticed how in engulfed we are with our social media, Take this blog for example people care so much about getting likes and sharing post, they forget about the world around them. These people are too busy only caring about taking pictures of themselves and sending to the friend that could be sitting next to them. We no longer feel the urge the requirement of having to socialize in a way that does not involve there devises be weather it is hand help phone or iPod or a laptop. Are we so caught up in the development of technology that we forget that while it undoable aids in our quest for knowledge has this down and “bad” side affect that prohibits the use of viral communication? I myself have been taken in to this system. I find my self often on a social page. We are no able to communicate over long distances and in different time zones. But does this mean we no longer have to speak to each other? Does this mean that we don’t have to deal directly with one another? If this is the case, do we realize what we are loosing and how this may affect us. Or are we so eager to indulge ourself that we forget about what this may be doing to us beyond what we know?


While I was watching Television, I was watching some of my favorite shows, Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Trek, Leverage, Monk,  and I also watch (but are not my favorite) Warehouse 13SupernaturalWhite CollarThe X-Files, these shows I watched once or twice but never got into them. Then one time shows that I didn’t like so much were and only watched because someone in my family was watching it when I went into the room. I never watched them again were Murder, She Wrote and Battlestar Galactica. These movies are very different and don’t have much in common. So what do these have in common? Mark Sheppard, he had roles in all of these TV shows. 




We are using the computers more now, and that’s not a bad thing. Computers help us in so many ways, in school we can do research with them, in our free time we socialize with them. But people don’t think about the long term effects that they are having?  Could there be other effects that we don’t know are happening? Here are some effects we know they have.  So maybe you will think again before you